Trooper Companions

There are several different companions available to Trooper players. Below is a list of them along with their details and screenshots.


  • Assault Droid
  • Planet: Nar Shaddaa
  • Melee DPS/tank
  • Ranged with Blaster Rifle
  • Starting Kit: Flamethrower 

Tanno Vik

  • Species: Male Weequay
  • Planet: Balmora
  • Melee tank with heavy armor
  • Uses a rifle and grenades

Elara Dorne

  • Species: Female human
  • Planet: Taris
  • Ranged, uses blaster pistol
  • Heavy armor and healing
  • Starting Kit: Medpack
  • Crew Skills: +10 Biochem Efficiency, +10 Bioanalysis Efficiency

Aric Jorgan

  • Species: male Cathar
  • Ranged DPS, uses a sniper rifle
  • Heavy armor
  • Starting Kit: Concussion Round
  • Gifts: Ammunition Belt, Survival Gear, Padded Weapon Case
  • Crew Skills: +10 Armstech Efficiency, +2 Diplomacy Critical


This is the Droid that comes with your personal ship. He is a companion but can’t be used for combat. He can only do crafting and missions.

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Trooper Leveling Guide

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  1. Tresler says:

    In beta C2-N2 was usable for a companion, though he has no attack skills, he does heal you though.

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